Rodney can find & capture those unforgettable moments you planned & those you didn’t

An Australian wanderer who found his found his love on Mackinac Island

Rodney, an Aussie adventurer who travelled the world and fell in love with an island & her princess. Mackinac island is where I call home with my wife Lori, the island girl who captured my heart & where we raised our family.With not much more than a camera, a bag & a pompous degree that said I was a photographer, I set out to explore & learn how to take photos my way.Being a sucker for romance I quickly found myself involved in weddings from photography, catering, organizing & cleaning up. The best years of my life.After more than 30 years of wonderful people & memories I still get a kick out of seeing people in love & that is why I pay attention to the details, the things that are going to make you smile in years to come. I look back on my clients weddings & still smile.

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Honored to have worked with such wonderful organizations promoting Mackinac Island 
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